Dear Gouache: I love you

It was great to have this Monday off, even though we are only a week into school I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed.  Between yesterday and today I managed to get these three paintings started:
012 - dollhouse paintings
They are pretty tiny, the paper itself is 7x9".  I'm planning on doing one of these for each image that was on the wall of the dollhouse (10 total).  They kind of crack me up.  I love this kid's school picture, I'm jealous that they could pose with a gumball machine.
011 - dollhouse paintings
And, a cheerleader:
013 - dollhouse paintings
They make me smile.
And so does this guy:
031 - bobo sneaky cat
He looks so menacing, but, in truth he is the biggest sweetheart.  :)

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  1. Great portraits! It's odd and hilarious, the things photographers will have kids sit on, lean against, or hold in photos! Great kitty shot too.