GAA Show @ Pleasant St. Gallery

This last Thursday was the opening of the GAA show at the Pleasant Street Gallery in DeKalb.
Here are some of the pieces from the show:
My work - 'Self Portrait, Marriage' - Oil on 6x6"panels.
022 - GAA Show

Amanda Voltz:
021 - GAA Show

 Blaine Bradford:
023 - GAA Show

Steve Hoover:
024 - GAA Show

John Medina:
025 - GAA Show

Taryn Boals
026 - GAA Show

It was a lovely show, thanks to all who came out!


  1. Lovely! Yours (no bias here!) and the one below are my favourites. Your title is perfect.

  2. Thanks so much - :)

    Amanda's work is really beautiful too, she just got in to a pretty great show in Chicago with some of her paintings!

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry I missed this. I love your paintings!!!