Delicious Desks

I had a critique last week and we talked about making the dollhouse furniture more specific, and less 'ikea', so this desk is the result of that.  I took a lot more time making it, and made it from balsa wood using a craft knife, sandpaper, and glue.  It stands a mere 2.5" tall, and I am loving it.  :)  doll house 33
It is modeled after this desk by Paul McCobb, and I will stain it after I get finished with the other furniture. for that room so that the finish is consistent.  
I am almost done painting as well, that is what is taking me longest with the 'rehab' -- I had to cut the brush down so that I could get it into all of the nooks and crannies of the ceiling area.  I also bought fabric for the carpeting and wood for the floors - I've still got to get a coping saw so I can cut the floor down to size.
doll house 31
And this is the progress as of last night:
doll house 32
Lets see where it all goes!