I've had so much going on these last few weeks on top of trying to battle a never-ending cold.  I decided to simplify my life today, and work solely on the dollhouse.  Here is some of the progress I've made:
doll house 26
Painting the downstairs area using house paint samples.
doll house 29
And I've also started on some of the furniture - this is a desk that is modeled after a desk by Paul McCobb.  I just got it glued, so it is drying right now:
doll house 24
I love furniture, especially mid-century modern pieces.  MMmmmmm!
doll house 27
I was looking through some of the used books at the university library, and found some really excellent books with refernce pictures of 1950's modern furniture.  Lucky eh?


  1. The photo of the room being painted is very surreal, I thought, "I thought she was painting a dollhouse, isn't that a full sized house?".

  2. I do love these pictures! Take care of you.