Studio Move

I'm in the process of reorganizing my studio after moving into a new room.  Having my own space (with a window!) has been nice - especially with the projects I'm working on.  I'll post pics of my new space once I get my studio space organized.  For now, here is some of what I'm working on:
Drawings of dollhouse furniture:
004 - dresser

003 - towel paintings in progresss

Process Photographs:
doll house 34

As far as my thesis show goes, I'm feeling less intimidated by it as I get more and more work done.  The only thing left that I'm anxious about is how to present things (frame, no frame, mounted, pinned to the wall, etc...).
I'm also thinking about how large of chunk of my show will be the presentation of my art-making processes, and how much will be finished work, and whether or not I will be putting the actual dollhouse in the show, or if I will leave it out and let the photographs, drawings, and paintings hold up the show without it.  Decisions decisions...... 


  1. yea, hope it is all going well. i am certain the thesis show will be awesome. always remember that it IS fun... but you know that :) good luck winding down the semester, or halfway or wherever...i have lost my time gauge.

  2. Thanks Kim, I am really hoping it will work out to come and visit you guys this summer!! I will bring lots and lots of peanut butter!