In the Studio - Progress/Process

I feel like things have really been moving along with a great flow in my studio.  I think I've gotten to the point where my painting practice is completely ingrained into my weekly routine.  This is probably a good thing as I've got a lot of shows coming up in the next six months:
   Jan-Feb: Solo exhibit at the University of Sioux Falls, SD
   Feb-March: Ipso Gallery with Mark Stemwedel, SD
   March-April: Solo exhibit at Deer Run Art Gallery, CA
   June: Solo exhibit at Brookings Community Cultural Center, SD

Here's a bit of what I've been working on:  



Work work work


Keep your fingers crossed that I keep my sanity in the next few months! :)

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  1. you will keep your sanity. and we're all proud of you, cassie. Way to be. I'll come to one of those openings.