Mr. Rock Painting and Other Studio Goodness

8x8" - Oil on Canvas
Just finished this guy.  He cracks me up.

I've also started this painting:
Painting in progress.
11x14" - Oil on Panel
I'm trying to play between the lines that define painting genres.  This is my attempt at making a landscape/still life.

It is also in greyscale.  It will be leaving my studio in under a week for a show in LA!  More on that later though.

I also recently picked up a router.  I'm going to be using it to create some really nice stretcher bars for my paintings.  I'm planning on doing some larger paintings, and I really don't trust pre-made canvases/panels for anything larger than 20" in length.
Oh, hey there sexy.
I set her up in my mini-shop and routed my first test piece - everything went smoothly!  I can't wait until next week when I can start assembling some big canvases.  :)  I have a serious love affair with power tools.  

Lastly, I'm also midway through this painting: Second layer down.
12x12" - Oil on Canvas
Things have been really going well in the studio lately, I feel like I've finally got a great schedule of work vs studio time.  My only downfall lately has been that sometimes I can't stop painting and end up staying up until 3:30am.  Whoops!  No pain, no gain - right? 

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