I've been cranking out these small paintings in between waiting for larger paintings to dry.
While waiting for this under-painting to dry....

... I started an 8x8" landscape painting.  I made a brick red/ white under-painting in acrylic because I could paint over it with oil right after it dried.
092 - landscape

The painting in progress - I've got the sky and mountains done.  When working on these small landscapes I tend to work from the background to the foreground.
093 - landscape

And the finished product:
094 - landscape
8x8" - Oil on Canvas
I think I'm going to start listing these paintings on Etsy pretty soon, so keep an eye out!

In other news, I got this lovely hand-painted print in the mail from my good friend/ amazing artist Michele Bosak:
I love this piece because it reminds me of my sister Amy who we affectionately call 'Mimi' - who was also a very picky eater.  It is getting framed and put in the kitchen.
Michele is an amazing artist, and you should really go check out more of her work at her website:
Michele Bosak
And take a look at her Etsy site:

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