Peony Bouquet from the Garden

I love peonies, they are one of my favorite flowers.
Lucky for us, the previous owners of our house had planted a large mound of them in our backyard.  They are just starting to bloom, and I was excited to see that they are a pink/white variety!  So I picked a bunch of them along with some lilac blooms and they smell amazing.
It is so nice having fresh flowers in the house.

I also finished this small painting this afternoon:
091 - watercolors


  1. Very pretty, peonies and painting, both!

  2. What a gorgeous bouquet, and that mini painting is lovely. how big is it in real life?

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  4. Oops, removed the last comment. Love the idea of peonies in the backyard! I really want to grow them in my backyard too!

  5. Thanks guys! :) Julie - I emailed you the dimensions. Anna - you should! They are really wonderful - the only downside is they don't last too long once they go into bloom.

  6. Everything image is so-ooo beautiful. It was just the visual imagery I needed this afternoon to change my mood.