Working on the Kitchen

This last week I've been doing little projects around the house - mostly in the kitchen and guest room.  We've been wanting to replace our kitchen cabinet handles for some time now, but the ones we liked were $7 a piece at Lowes, so it would have cost us about $175 to replace them.  Fortunately, we found the same exact ones on Ebay for $40!  I love Ebay!
They made a total difference.  I put them on as soon as I got them in the mail.
They look SO much better!  Our kitchen cabinets are original, and they make them look brand new.  I really like the fact that the previous owners painted the kitchen cabinets instead of ripping them out and replacing them with cheap new ones.
We've also got this ugly half wall that the early 90's decided to barf all over.  I figured there had to be at least some semblance of a wall behind this awful paneling, so I finally decided to tear it down.
The first two panels came down well, I'll only have to patch and paint this side - easy peasy. 
Then came the real fun:
Apparently that one little wall of paneling needed a whole bottle of wood glue to stick itself to the wall - I feel like this was the previous owners' way of getting back at me for taking down all of the paneling. 
Or maybe they were secret Abstract Expressionists?
{Le Wall - by previous poor taste decorators}
Do you see how the paint just tore away! EEeeek!  So, this wall is going to be covered with 1/8 " masonite panel, and painted to match the rest of the wall, there is no way I could patch this wall! 
But, even in its unpainted state it still looks significantly better.


  1. Oh my gosh. I wonder if that was the "test" wall? It looks a ZILLION times better just painted plain. Even though it's work, it must be fun to re-do your house to make it your taste. :) Any sun in your direction? We have continual rain here. :(

  2. It is way better! I had the exact same moments when I saw my totally 90ed up bathroom and kitchen tiles, and I just want to ask, "WHY?!?!" I think it's all part of the frustration and fun of home improvement though:)

  3. your house is way beautiful!i love it!