Revamped Dress

I've been busy packing to go to Wisconsin/Chicago tomorrow, but in between my errands I had a chance to revamp a thrifted dress!
You like?
This dress cost me a whole dollar!  I really liked the cowl neckline, but color and length were all wrong:
Completely unflattering.  I am about 5'10", so this supposedly full-length dress was a full 6" off the ground.  So, I cut off about 20" and then hemmed the bottom with a simple straight stretch stitch on my sewing machine.
But I still didn't love the color.  I remembered I had some dye that I had picked up a while ago for cotton yarn, so I used it on the dress, and it worked great!
Those last two pictures of myself make it seem like I am somewhat photogenic.  I assure you I am most certainly not!  Proof:
Nate told me to do a foxy pose, and that was what he got.  Fail! 


  1. Love the dress after you finished your revamping!
    Looks cute on you! :)
    -oh, btw, I'm following you now!

  2. What an awesome refashion!!! total score, that dress is gorgeous on you now!

  3. What a great save! The blue-dyeing was genius!

  4. My dear, is there anything you can't do? Dress look super cute on you! I always imagine myself taking on a dress revamp project when I go thrift shopping but they just end up unfinished in the closet!