In the last week my good friend Jane, and Nate's parents both came to visit us here in South Dakota.  
Jane had a show at the BrickHouse arts center while she was here.  Here are some shots from that:
Jane Ryder @ the BrickHouse

Jane Ryder @ the BrickHouse

Jane Ryder @ the BrickHouse

Jane Ryder @ the BrickHouse
It was a good time, a bunch of people showed up even though we had awful weather the whole time she was here.  
Yuck.  To think I wanted to get my garden beds planted.  I think I'll wait a little longer.  
Even though the weather was crap, it was great to see Jane!  Hopefully I'll get a chance to visit her down in Iowa sometime this summer. 

After Jane left for Iowa, Nate's parents arrived from Wisconsin.  It was great to see them, and nice to just relax for a few days.  We went up to Brookings for lunch and some antique and book store shopping.  That is where we found all of the little ceramic animals from the last post.  
We also went to an AFK (away from the keyboard) Reading at Mochavinos, and Terry (my father-in-law) got a chance to do a couple of readings from his book.  
Terry @ Mochavinos
It was a great week. :)   


  1. you guys were great hosts. thanks for those mussels. Fishing trip this summer.

  2. Thanks Jane!
    I'm so glad you could visit! :)