DIY Chalkboard Paint Closet Doors

My studio is not huge, and I'm really trying to use all of the surfaces/space that I can.  I was surfing on Pinterest (you can follow me here: Cassie Marie), and I came across a recipe for DIY Chalkboard paint. 
So, naturally I had to try it. 
I lightly sanded my closet doors, and then made the paint using some flat wall paint that I already owned.  You can find the recipe for the paint here: Chalkboard Paint.  
It turned out really well!  I'm going to make some more for a large chalkboard for our kitchen soon too!  It is nice to be able to use the doors for sketches, to-do-lists, and just doodling. :)
This saves a ton of money, especially if you are doing a large area, or wanting to use up old paints.  
Lastly, Rascal says hi!


  1. what a brilliant idea!! that chalk drawing of the bunny is amazing. And, Hi Rascal!

  2. Genius! I'm copying you and doing this to my closet doors, as well. Love it!!

    Coffee & Inspiration

  3. Love this! I also love your new thrift finds.

  4. we are planning the exact same thing in our downstairs office - though we've been looking at using barn door sliders

  5. This looks great!! I saw that tutorial too but I couldn't think of where to paint.. you just got some ideas flowing!

  6. wow I had no idea you could just paint a chalkboard! Thanks for sharing Cassie, this is great!! Now I'm looking for spots in the house to fit a chalk board in, be great if I could draw too:))

  7. Thanks guys!
    Andre - I'm pretty sure we are all on some same weird wavelength in SD - I think it is something in the water! haha.
    Jessi & Anna - I've thought about doing this on a plywood board and just hanging it from the wall. If our refrigerator wasn't stainless steel, I'd probably paint that as well -hehe