Mid Century Thrifty Goodness

All those Mid Century nuts out there, prepare to be in awe of my recent thrift-store scores!
Sweet-Ass Clock -- $14*
046 - clock
*I cannot technically take credit for this one.  Nate spotted it for me!  I think he is slowly coming to the dark side.

Candy Dish of Awesomeness -- $1
046 - dish
This candy dish was full two days ago!  Whoops!

Candy Dish of Awesomness #2 -- $3
045 - dish
I've been looking for this exact one for SO long, I'd always find half of it, or one with the little squirrel broken off, but alas, the long search is over!

.....and, the icing on the cake.....

Credenza of my DREAMS!  -- $15
044 - credenza
This credenza is everything I could ask for: dowel legs, good condition, and the perfect size to fit across the backseat of my toyota.  Love!


  1. I have been officially awed. The credenza is the find of the century! (Or mid century, hee!)

  2. Cassie - I clearly need to be thrifting in your neck of the woods! What great, great finds you've been having.

    We miss you here and I hope to see you when you're back in Dec.! Until then, keep us updated on the goings on through your blog. Have you been doing any knitting?

  3. The credenza is amazing!! I also love the Candy dish of awesomeness, my grandparents used to have that exact one. It brings back fond memories. :o)