Painting Painting Painting

I am getting in as much painting time as I can lately.  At the end of the month I've got to move out of my studio, and I won't be able to paint until we are in South Dakota which should be mid-August.  Well, I could paint in my apartment, but I prefer not to inhale paint thinner in small enclosed places.  Not good for the noggin...
This is the painting I just started:
Underpainting of Ceramic Deer
It is 8x10" oil on canvas.
I also may or may not have gone to the thrift store yesterday.  I may have bought this pretty little tin.
024 - Tin
023 - Tin
All that patterning, who could have resisted. 
Lastly, I am thinking about listing some sketches/small drawings on Etsy.  Stay tuned for further details....


  1. what a gorgeous tin!! I wouldn't have been able to pass that up, either.

  2. Another sweet painting. I'll definitely be visiting your Etsy! And that tin you may have bought is irresistable!