Finished painting and a Revamped Mirror

I finished my little ceramic deer painting yesterday:
 deer painting
Oil on Canvas - 8x10"
And I'm finally feeling like I'm getting back into the oil painting groove.
Deer and Bunny Paintings
I also revamped a mirror that was given to me by my G-Ma C, here it is before:
 Mirror Before

I used a dark grey flat primer to paint it.  I really like it with just the primer, so that is how it is going to stay!
Fancy Mirror -- After

Fancy Mirror --  After

I love how it turned out!  If I ever get sick of the color I'll just spray on a new one!
Lastly, a vase I picked up when I picked up my awesome tin last week at the thrift store.
It is a simple yellow handblown bud vase.  MMmmmm.
Bud Vase (Thrifted)

More to come later this week!

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  1. Wow! At first glance I thought that was just a photo of the actual ceramic deer. Well done! Design Sponge would be all over that mirror...especially against an icy or slate blue wall...along with one of your revamped pieces of furniture...And I love the nostalgic amber glass of the vase!