Painting Little Ceramic Bunnies

So, sometimes I just like to paint adorable little ceramic bunnies and deer.  There is no deep concept behind these, just CUTENESS.  So, I apologize to everyone expecting more from me - haha, sometimes you just have to paint sheer adorableness. 
These pics are the painting in progress, I'll post another pic when I'm finished.  This is 6x6" - Oil on canvas. 
Another progress pic:
And then I couldn't stay away from the cuteness.  This is a drawing I'm working on of a ceramic deer that my mother-in-law gave to me after she saw my small ceramic forest animal collection. 
deery drawing
Graphite on Paper - 5x4"
It has been nice to spend some non-stressful time in the studio this week between cooking and cleaning.  Even if it is just to paint and draw cute little animals.  


  1. I love them!! they look like they are turning out beautifully.

  2. I really like the bunny ones. so cute!

  3. omg! this is just so amazingly cute - and i love you showed the process of painting - so much more personal than just seeing the final result, xx