Hi all,
First off, some great news - Nate got the teaching position at Dakota State University that he interviewed for!  So, we'll soon be moving to rural South Dakota -- we are excited to get away from the busy busy traffic around Chicago.  Also, we'll be about 40 minutes from Sioux Falls, so there is still contact with the 'outside world'. 
josh ritter2
So, to celebrate graduation, Nate getting his job, and my brother-in-law and his girlfriend being done with their school year, we went with them and Nate's parents in to Chicago to see Josh Ritter, and eat gluttonous amounts of food.  Maybe a drink or two as well. :)
Josh Ritter Concert
If you are unfamiliar with Josh Ritter, go buy his CD now!  They just released the album So Runs the World Away, and my favorite album of theirs is The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter.  They are both amazing. 
Anyways, we had a great time, and they even got a chance to stop by the gallery downtown to see our Grad Group Show.  Tonight I am heading back into the city for our closing reception.  If you are interested, or in the city, come check it out!
It is @ 230 W. Superior St. in RiverNorth -- The second story of the building.


  1. That's freakin' awesome Cassie! Good luck in SD.

  2. I just saw Josh Ritter in Boston. Isn't he great? You got a really good onstage picture.