Good Morning!

I just found out one of my photos from my adventure out west this summer was featured on Ree Drummond's blog The Pioneer Woman.  For those of you unfamiliar, go there now.  She's amazing.  You will see why when you visit her blog!
Turret Arch Through North Window at Sunrise -- Outside of Moab UT
The photo above was the photo chosen for the contest, and I'm really honored.  To take this photo I had to shimmy out on a ledge, and do some creative rock climbing.  It was taken in Arches National Park outside of Moab, UT.  Nate and I left before sunrise just to get that shot.  He and I had gone out west to do filming for his thesis film/recording project.  Here is a link to that project as well (I know I've posted it before, but it deserves a second post) -- be patient, the first few minutes are just music:

Nowhere. from Nathan Edwards on Vimeo.
Well, that is it for now! Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday!

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