Slow Day

We drove back home bright and early this morning after all of our Thanksgiving shenanigans.  The rest of my day has been consumed by the never-ending paper writing for my Art History class.  In order to save the small piece of sanity I am hanging on to at this point, I had to take some breaks to decorate our apartment for Christmas.
020 - xmas
I loooooove Christmas!! It feels weird to have decorations up when it hasn't even snowed around here yet.
021 - xmas
It makes our place seem so much cozier than it usually feels.  So cozy that Rascal took full advantage, watching me work hard on my papers while she just lazed about.
023 - xmas


  1. ooo, cassie, we have the same curtains!
    ps. rascal is so cute :)

  2. Michi, are your curtains filled with loving cat claw snags like ours? :)
    Give Sangria a belly rub for me - haha - hope you are doing well!