Remember when I used to knit??

Well, I still do!  Even though I don't get much quality knitting time in, I've got something to show for my efforts -- I finally finished the sweater I had started in July when Nate and I went on our road trip out west!
001 - Recycled Sweater
It is made from yarn that I recycled from a (suuuuuper ugly) thriftstore sweater and then dyed with acid dyes.  It is really great to finally have this finished!  When I remember to bring my tripod back from my studio I will make sure to take a picture of me wearing it.  It was knit in one piece, and has simple shaping for the waist and hips.  I have dreams of someday having a closet full of handmade sweaters. :)
I also picked up a few nice things these last few weeks at the thrift store.  First off, I spotted this chair at the goodwill for $10 and my heart skipped a beat or two -- here are my cats posing on it for you:
001 - Midcentury Chair with Cats
I am obsessed with mid-century furniture right now, and this chair calmed that obsession, at least for a little while.  It has a couple of small/easily fixable little scratches, and totally needs to be reupholstered, see:
002 - Midcentury Chair
Midcentury furniture + 90's floral upholstery = awful. 
I'm thinking of covering it in a simple grey or muted green fabric, but maybe I'll search through my stash and see if there is anything else that would work.  I'm thinking that just about any other fabric would be a huge improvement!
I also picked up this little purse thinking it might be a cute camera bag, but my camera sits a little funny in it, so I think I'll put it up in my etsy shop sometime this week.  It is sooo cute that I am really tempted to keep it though.
003 - Purse
That's all for now.  Hope you are all having a great weekend!


  1. oh, nice steal! and the sweater is very nice.

  2. I am crazy jealous of both those scores (particularly the chair, and saddle bags are totally in right now --I think you should keep it!) AND that gorgeous sweater...well done you! Your cats are also twins to my dearly departed Archie---soooo sweet!

  3. I like your thrift store pickups and your cats look so cute together on that chair! I'm also impressed that you found time to finish a sweater, while taking classes. I could never have done it when I was in school.

  4. What a great redo of the sweater. Great job! I had a bag just like that when I was little and in Africa, except it was yellow and black, and what I'd give to get it back!