I've been low on the radar lately trying to push through a bunch of paintings for upcoming shows while juggling teaching in the mix.
In the studio this afternoon.
This duck will be traveling to the Greenpoint Terminal Gallery in Brooklyn, NY for a show curated by my pal Ryan Travis Christian in October.  Check out his stellar artwork if you haven't already seen it!

In the studio.
I'm also working on a second duck figurine...  I couldn't help it. :)

Massive studio organization happening tonight.
Alongside the oil paintings I'm also slowly printing an edition of prints.  I've dedicated a studio wall to the linocut prints. I'm thinking about saving up for a small relief press to expedite this process (currently I'm printing these by hand with a wooden spoon - it works, but it is slow and may kill my shoulder).  

Students are working on their first self-portraits in figure drawing this week at DSU.
My figure drawing students this semester are off to a great start - I've got all animation majors, so I'm working to create projects and exercises that really resonate with their specialization.  

In figure drawing today we did an animated gesture drawing - they did 8 frames of animation and then animated them using their phones. Fun!
On Monday I had them do an animated gesture drawing - they did 8 'frames' of drawings of their hands in a sequence, and then we used our phones to animate them using the 'Stop Motion Studio' app.  It was fun, and a good trial run for next week when I hope to do this same exercise with both the male and the female drawing models.  

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  1. Cassie, you clearly put as much care and thought into your teaching as into your art. Your students and the university are very lucky, indeed.