Artist Feature: Andres Torres

Andres Torres – Artist Feature

When I first moved to South Dakota, I was straight out of grad school and the high number of pheasant and black lab paintings that I saw everywhere were a bit overwhelming.  I was so happy to meet Andres and other artists working outside of the ‘Pheasant & Lab genre’ fairly soon after moving here.  Despite being a fairly rural state, South Dakota has a pretty amazing cohort of young artists making great work.  

I’ve been keeping an eye on Andres’ work ever since I met him about two years ago.  Each body of work he’s made has been better than the last, and I’m excited to see his work continue to evolve. 

Andres Torres
"Aquafresh" - House Paint, Acrylic, T-shirt on Panel - Andres Torres

There is a wonderful playfulness in his paintings, and a great balance between purposeful mark-making and slightly obscured chaos. 

Andres Torres

 "Lollipop" - House Paint, Acrylic, T-shirt on Panel - Andres Torres

There are subtle references to form, yet none are blaringly obvious – Andres stops each painting at the perfect point – without overworking or adding superfluous detail.  There is such beauty in the simplicity and interaction between forms in these works.   

Andres Torres
 "Brown Rainbow" - House Paint, Oil, Acrylic on Canvas - Andres Torres

The eye calmly led through these works, yet there is also a sense of underlying uncertainty. 

Andres Torres
 "Above and Beyond" - House Paint & Acrylic on Panel - Andres Torres

There is a focus on line, shape, and color in these works, but the slight imperfections and occasional sign of the artists’ hand in the work keeps them grounded and communicates the imperfections we find in our lives. 

I can’t wait to see more.  

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  1. In Iowa there are mostly Barn and Haystack paintings...blah.

    I'm fond of this "Brown Rainbow" piece.

    Nice work.