Multiplying Rabbits - A New Painting in the Works


Started working on this guy recently - 16x20" - Oil on Canvas.  I usually use pieces of scrapbook paper as backdrops for these figurines, but I've been having a hard time finding the perfect colors so I've been painting backdrop panels for the last few. 

Working on this guy tonight. :)

I'm hoping to power through some paintings this weekend!  Nate's got a few music gigs, and we've got a long weekend because of Easter Break.  We did a lot of traveling over spring break, so it will be nice to have a span of time where we are home and not working! 

Stealth cat. :D

And most importantly, Rascal says hi.  


  1. Hi, Rascal!

    I love seeing your tiny still life in the background...

    also, do I spy an ikea desk lamp?

  2. :)

    Yes indeed ikea desklamp. Also - this desk has ikea legs.

    Rascie says hey to you and Mudd too. :D