Plein Air Paintings - Wisconsin Camping/Painting Adventure

I thought I'd share a few pieces from my painting/camping trip that I went on with some good friends a few weeks ago.  I finally got my paintings scanned and prettied up!

Watercolor 6
{Enie Point - Gouache}

They were all done at Governor Dodge State Park outside of Dodgeville, WI (my hometown).

Watercolor 11b
{Twin Valley Lake - Watercolor}

Watercolor 16
{Stephens Falls - Watercolor}

Watercolor 9
{Waterfall - Watercolor}

Watercolor 10
{Lake - Watercolor}

Watercolor 8
{Rocks - Watercolor}

Watercolor 7
{Rocks - Gouache}

Watercolor 4a
{Waterfall - Gouache}

Watercolor 3
{Rocks - Gouache}

Most of these paintings are between 6x8" and 10x12".   I have been having a blast making them!

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