I've been spending a lot of time in the studio lately despite being sick as a dog.

I started this guy a few nights ago.

And began this one as well.

The last few days I've spent mostly laying on the couch while nursing what turned out to be bronchitis/an upper respiratory infection.  I'm on antibiotics now, but it wasn't pretty for a while there.  My Grandpa C is also on the mend today.  Early yesterday morning he was rushed to the hospital for a burst appendix.  He had gone to another hospital initially, but they had sent him home without diagnosing him with appendicitis.  Please keep him in your thoughts and send some positive energy his way!  He'll need a lot of it as he heals.  It is tough being so far away from family when this kind of thing happens. :(

Anyhow, while I was confined to the couch, I started a new crochet project:
It is a blanket for my godson Noah who will be arriving in mid-August!  My sister chose the colors, and I made up the pattern.  I can't wait for his arrival! :)  

Well, here's to hoping these grey days pass soon and sunnier days are ahead.  


  1. sorry about g-pa. I hope you feel better. its just good to know that you can stay productive while you're sick as a dog...side note....if I send you one of my most beloved trinkets (a lot like your series) would you consider a commission if I let you hold on to it for awhile for your shows?

  2. Feel better grandpa C and Cassie!!! I swear that everyone is sick right now. I'm excited to see the unicorn :)

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