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We've been so busy!  Between getting ready for my show, traveling across the midwest, and having a ton of visitors these last few weeks, I've barely had time to think.  Here's a little recap of what's been going on.

First off, my childhood best friend got married in Madison Wisconsin a few weeks ago.  It was a beautiful wedding - they were married in the Overture Center downtown, and the reception was held at the Orpheum Theater.  It was such a fun time.
A&B Wed 3
It was the first wedding of a good friend of mine where I didn't do the photography.  I love taking photographs, but I also love really being able to relax and enjoy the wedding.  Some of these are photos Nate took, and some are ones I've stolen from friends' facebook accounts.  :)
A&B wed
I was honored to stand up as a bridesmaid, and got to meet Amie's other good friends.  It also made me really miss Wisconsin.
A&B Wed 2

AB wed 3
Katie, Myself, and Anna
It was really a great time.

The weekend after that Nate's parents came in to town for the weekend.  It was also a lovely time.  We went into Sioux Falls for some shopping and eating, and took full advantage of the weekend off.  Unfortunately, I've been forgetting my camera everywhere I go these days.  Eventually I think I will have to break and purchase a 'fancy internet phone.' :)

Last weekend my cute preggo sister and her husband came to visit us from Milwaukee.  We got to go to the falls and do a little shopping, eating, and relaxing.
It was a great time!

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