Happy Monday.

Slightly evil looking Bobo says, 'good morning!'


I started another painting this weekend.  I love the expression on this pup's face!  I'm not sure what breed of dog this is, so if anyone knows, please clue me in by leaving a comment.


Ideally, I like to have two paintings going on at once in my studio.  Sometimes this isn't possible as my studio is a 10x10' room that is packed to the brim with paintings, books, and supplies.

I think I'll try to tackle a studio renovation in the Fall.  I need a better flowing space, and I'd really like to have one empty wall that I can use just for my easels.  I've just started a studio inspiration board on Pinterset here: Studio Inspiration 

By the way, have you guys signed up for Pinterest?  If not, do so now!  As a creative person it really helps me to keep my thoughts & inspiration images organized.  If you join, feel free to add me as a friend!

Anyhow, back to this painting.  Those of you who know me personally know that I am pretty adamant about the importance of drawing when it comes to painting representationally.  When doing a painting, I'll do a couple studies to get the composition just right.


Most of the time this works great for me.  Sometimes, like with this drawing, I just can't seem to get it just right on the first, second, third, or even the fourth time.  Luckily for me, the fifth time was the charm.


My husband, who is a musician/recording engineer/professor, and I have had an ongoing conversation about work ethic lately, which I thought I'd share here.  We've been talking about the extent to which we'll go to have something look or sound right.  Many times we'll work on a project until it is 90% finished, and take a little break from it.

We've come to the conclusion that finishing the last 10% of the project (be it a painting or a recording) is the most important part of the process.  In most of my work that last 10% of the project ends up taking just as long as the first 90% to get it just right.  

So with that thought, and with this guy to cheer you up, I'll bid you adieu.



  1. Cassie, I love your studio! You have really beautiful lighting. And it looks like a place where a lot of creating goes on.