I am waiting for paint to dry.
My studio is a bit cramped and I find it hard to work on more than a few paintings at once - especially when I am working in oil.  I am almost finished with a couple of paintings I've been working on for a while so I started a new one today.

Here is my wonderful model:

She's really excited.

I usually start my still life paintings with a charcoal or watercolor sketch.  It helps me to figure out my composition and familiarize myself with the subject.  You can see my sketch on the wall, and my quick layout on the canvas.
Kitten - Cassie Marie Edwards-2

After I started this quick layout, I decided the kitten was too high in the picture frame, so I moved everything down an inch or so.
Kitten - Cassie Marie Edwards-3
In the process of doing so, I discovered a four-eyed cat.

I pressed on and finished the quick underpainting:
Kitten - Cassie Marie Edwards-7
Now if only this paint would dry a bit faster.

Also, I've got some great news to share with you about some upcoming shows - but more on that later!

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  1. No! Tell me now!! ( :
    Kitty looks great! Can't wait to see the finished results.