In the Studio

Still working on the King Kong painting - it is going along at a good clip, but it feels so slow compared to the smaller paintings I've been doing.

Kong and the Mahl Stick

I also finally made myself a Mahl Stick.  For those of you unfamiliar with painting, it is basically a stick with a ball at one end that you rest against your painting so that you can stabilize your painting hand.  I just wrapped cotton yarn around the end and spread some glue on it every now and then as I made it into a ball.  It works like a charm and makes detail work MUCH easer.

King Kong - In Progress

This is Kong so far.  I've got to wait for the paint to dry a bit before I go back in and really start the crazy detail work.

I've also been attempting to organize my studio - it is a slow and grueling process!


In progress:
Bunnies - in progress

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