Bunnies and Bunnies

Right after I started this painting of a couple ceramic bunnies:
112 - bunnies

I saw this tiny baby bunny outside:
Tiny bunny in the yard

This little guy could easily fit in the palm of my hand.  So tiny!!

If this is the reason the swiss chard is being eaten in my garden, I think I'm okay with that.  The tiny thing couldn't even hop properly - it is still trying to figure out how to get everything in sync.  :)


  1. The cuteness!!!! What an adorable baby bunny, I'd let it eat my swiss card, too.

  2. i can tell you with 100 % certainty that this baby has eaten your swiss chard. the bunnies ate all my beans and peppers. Oh well, at least they're so cute I could die!

  3. They are cute, they are amazing, and they are extremely annoying. Wait and watch for one of those little guys to eat your swiss chard. They can munch leaves bigger than them in mere seconds! I'd be much happier sharing if they just took little bites.

  4. P.S. Cassie -- I don't visit often enough, but you do keep a very nice blog. I enjoy it when I'm here.

  5. Such cuteness! Bunnies are supposedly afraid of pinwheels, so you can try putting some up around your chard.