In the Studio

I finally took the time clean out my studio a bit so I could paint without having to maneuver around boxes and random art supplies!
081 - deer painting
I love oil paint.  Isn't that pink the perfect bubble gum pink?  Yum.  It has been so nice to spend a few solid days working on painting - I feel like I've got my painting mojo back now that the sun is back.

080 - deer painting
This is the underpainting - a quick study of light and dark.  I like to use a tinted canvas - it helps me to quickly lay out the light and dark areas, and forces me to build up thicker layers of paint.

079 - deer painting
I also really like this little table easel that I bought on a whim - it works really well for smaller paintings.

085 - deer painting
I think this stage of the painting is a bit creepy looking!

Deer - Cassie Marie Edwards
90%  Finished - just have to wait for the paint to dry to go back in and 'fidget' with a few areas.

Lastly, the cats say HI!
Rascal and Bo

Can you tell they are siblings?
Rascal and Bo


  1. its nice to see your process. Hi, kitties. Next time I see you don't hiss in my face ;)

  2. Wow!!! You're painting looks awesome! I'm fascinated by what people can do with some color and a paint brush. I'm do more pencil drawing myself.
    Your cats look so lovable. I wanna pet my computer screen!!

  3. I love your work space, almost make me wish I could draw!

  4. Thanks guys - you are very kind! :)