In honor of my dinner of frozen pizza and beer, I am posting some pictures of the progress in our garden.
First off, the reason I'm having pizza is this 10x10 foot garden bed I dug out today.  After finishing the never-ending digging I was useless for the rest of the evening.
I am exhausted even looking at the picture!  I'd still like to do one more bed along with this one, but I'll get this one planted before I move on to the next one.
My little seedlings are really starting grow - just in time!
{Tomato Sprouts}

And last but not least - we bought our cats a present:
A window mounted bird feeder for our cats.  Our cat Bobo (aka - Bobopants, Pretty Boy, Bobo-fet, Buddy Boy, etc..) loves birds.  He watches them for hours every day.  All we have to do is mention the word 'Birdy' and he'll run over and start 'barking' at the birds.  Yes, our cat barks.
Hopefully some birds will come visit the feeder soon!

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  1. Sounds like a super smart cat! Some of my friends' cats play roll over and fetch! Pets are the best:)