Furniture :)

While visiting my Grandma Betty this last week, she reminded me of an ottoman she had in her basement that I would always ask her if I could have when I was a kid, and she let me take it home!
Who knew I had such good taste as a kid!
Thanks Grandma Betty!
It matches all of my other mid-century furniture in my living room, and is the perfect size for our couch which sits pretty low to the ground.
I also picked up some table legs (Vika Lerberg) from Ikea while I was in Chicago.  I've been looking for a simple large table for my studio for some time now, and haven't been able to thrift one, so this is the next best thing.
Each trestle cost $10, and I had the wood for the top already (birch plywood) - I really like how simple this table is!  It also matches my other industrial table that I've got in my studio.  The top just sits on the legs, so I can pull it apart and move it or store it really easily.

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  1. What a beaiutiful piece from your grandma, you did have good taste indeed. A lovely family heirloom.