Dark Days and Comfort Foods

I've been a little stressed lately - I'm spending a lot of time working, and little time in my studio.  I think there's got to be a correlation there.  The house is messy and I've got an unending to-do list!
Cooking has been my solace as of late.  I think it has something to do with the weather, and my general mood.
Soba Noodle Soup
I made this soup last week, and again yesterday.  It is simply cooked (and well rinsed) soba noodles, veggie broth, 1/3 inch tofu cubes, cilantro, chopped green onions, and a tiny dash of garlic powder and ginger powder. Usually when I make soups like this, I make a lot, and eat it for lunch multiple days.  I love cooking, but I also love homemade leftovers.
099 - snow plow!
It has also been very snowy here - which is to be expected in South Dakota.  I think the difference between here and Wisconsin/Illinois is that the snow doesn't ever really melt.  Usually in Wisconsin we'd have a couple of freak days each winter where the snow would melt away leaving a gross muddy slush everywhere.  I specifically remember one Christmas in Wisconsin where all of us cousins were outside at my aunts house playing basketball in t-shirts because it was 65 degrees outside.  Those days where you could feel the sun and be reminded that summer will in fact eventually come back were so revitalizing.
At least now I am working from home, and get to see the sunshine every day.  When I was living in Illinois for grad school, I remember the second winter I was there my schedule was so intense that I rarely got to see daylight!  I taught an 8am class, and would be either on campus (in a windowless room) or at my studio (also windowless) and by the time I'd leave at around 7 or 8pm, it would be pitch black outside.  That was a hard winter.  I'm thinking I need a vacation someplace warm!
On the plus side, I got these sweet pyrex mixing bowls at the thrift shop last weekend!
053 - Crazy Daisy Pyrex Mixing Bowl Set
Nate was a sweetheart and went thrifting with me.  I'm pretty sure it may have had something to do with the fact that I let him bring a drum kit in to the house.  :)


  1. I love the mixing bowls. The kitchenware was so cute back in the day, and nicely sized. I find the dishes sold in stores now are way over-sized. Oh, and the soup looks amazing!!

  2. I love those bowls! And you're totally right about snow in WI/IL. Even though it was about 9 degrees the day after the blizzard in Chicago the other day there was quite a bit of melting since the sun was so bright. Don't get me wrong, there's still a lot of snow - but it's a little shrunken.

  3. Hi Cassie Marie, I'm a your Follower, my name's Arianna from Italy (near Venice). Your blog is GREAT! The colors, the ideas: sono eccezionali!

    If you want, my blog is:


  4. LOVE those pyrex bowls. and that food looks way yummy.

  5. Huzzah for leftovers! Great bowls; from the photo they look nearly unused!

  6. Amber - I'll look for a pair for you guys if you'd like! The only reason I like a big bowl is for stove-top popcorn holding. :)

    Leo - glad you survived the Snowpocalypse! I saw all the cars abandoned on Lakeshore drive on the news - it was crazy!

    Arianna - Thanks for following the blog - I'm teaching Art History right now, and we are just getting in to renaissance art in Italy! I'd love to be able to see Venice in person someday!

    Andrea - Thanks! :)

    Jennifer - The bowls look new - I was super-excited to find them. :)

  7. Cassie, come to California for a short vacation! Sit under the sun and sip ice tea, it was almost 80 degrees here today!


  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE the soup! I must try it!

  9. Anna - I'd love to! I just need to find a suitcase to sneak in to. :)

    Molls - Thanks! It is goood, come visit me and I'll make some for you!