Knitting - Mittens and Cowl!

This cowl is my first real finished project from my new (to me) knitting machine.
Recycled Yarn Cowl
The main yarn I used was recycled from a cotton sweater - it is a marled black/grey/white mix.  That is the part that was done on the knitting machine.  For the white part, I picked up the stitches and knit with some spare yarn that I had left over from another project.  I really like how it turned out.

Second up is a project I started while watching the NFC Playoffs.  They are gold mittens - in honor of the Packers. :)


They've got a chain cable running down the center.  I think I'll call them the "movin' the chains" mittens.  I've got to work out the kinks a bit, but I think I may write up a pattern for these as well.


  1. Those mittens are gorgeous! As a crocheter, I'm such a sucker for knit cables. Cables just look better when they're knit. Beautiful.

    Coffee & Inspiration

  2. That's such a great cable. Congratulations on the first machine knit!

  3. Lovely scarf! Does the machine-knitting stockinette still roll at the edges or does it lie flat?

  4. wow, those mittens are lovely...any chance a pair might show up for sale or trade? i never did get around to learning to knit, so been crocheting to keep warm this january. looks like you are keeping busy and getting settled right in up north. cheers.

  5. that cowl looks so chic and pretty. And those mittens are lovely!! that cable is amazing.

  6. Oh, that looks great! Makes me want to whip out my knitting machine...

  7. Thanks guys!

    Kim, e-mail me. I think maybe a trade is in order! :)