I've recently gotten in touch with my good friend Joseph Briggs about doing a project together.  We both went to undergrad at UWO, and met while working quite possibly the grossest job ever together - cleaning dorm rooms after students moved out.  Since then, we are both doing far more awesome things.
He's an excellent poet.  I'd been keeping pace with what he was working on via Twitter and Tumblr.  
So, the idea is to do drawings based on some of his poems that he's sending over.  I'm hoping we can self-publish a short book with the drawings and poetry.  
Here's the progression of how the first drawing came to be: 
Getting Texture Samples:

My Favorite Supplies!  Verithin Pencils, Tuff Stuff Eraser Sticks, Mini T-Square, Bristol Board, Maped Pencil Sharpener, and COFFEE!
Favorite Tools

And, the finished drawing:
I'm really excited to see where this goes.