Dirty Laundry @ The BrickHouse

As a new resident of Madison, South Dakota, I was happy to find out that there was a small yet growing arts scene already in place.  Being the sneaky person that I am, I somehow weaseled my way into the Madison Area Arts Council, and am happy to be running our monthly one-night-only gallery shows.
Our first show was titled "Dirty Laundry." 
{Alan Montgomery and John Nelson's work}

This is the fancy write-up that I did describing the show:
     This exhibition is a peek into the process and preparation that artists go through to create their work.  Local artists have assembled their sketches, works in progress, snapshots, notes, and anything else relevant to their artistic endeavors.  The aim of this exhibition is to show the good, the bad, and the ugly – all to give you a better idea of how that work of art, poem, short story, or photograph goes from an idea to reality. 

{Cassie Marie Edwards - that's me!}

{Giles Timms}

The artists included in this show were:  John Nelson, Angela Behrends, Alan Montgomery, Emmeline Elliott, Chris Francis, Giles Timms, Cassie Marie Edwards, and Bradley Hesser

{Alan Montgomery}

{Angela Behrands - installing her work}

{installation view}

The exhibition was a part of the annual BrickHouse Bash, and you can see many more photos of both it and the Bash here:  MAAC Photostream.

Also, Chris Francis wrote an article about the show here:  

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  1. That's brilliant, Cassie! I love the concept...it seems like it would translate well to other artistic media. I would be fascinated to put on a performance of a few short new works by a few composers, where the entire creative process is outlined, from the opening sketches through the rehearsals to the performance. This idea will float around in the back of my mind until it happens...thanks for the spark!