Slow Progress

I've been working on a lot of unexciting house stuff these last few days.  Painting, pulling up carpet, cleaning, etc, but hopefully soon I'll get to the more fun parts - like buying furniture!  But, I'm working my way through the painting and major basement overhaul first, so I can have the windows open while I work.  It is getting so cold outside -- I keep wondering where summer went!

I'm working on the porch today, I can no longer stand the bright country yellow paint.  So, it is getting painted a light grey.  We'll also be replacing the carpeting on the porch, but that may wait until the spring. right now it is forest green. Ack.  At least it will be a little better with the walls painted.
Despite the awful color scheme out on the porch, I've been loving spending time out there.  It is really nice to be able to enjoy it now that the temps have gone down a bit and it isn't like a sauna in there.
After all of our hard work the last few days, I decided to make us a wonderful dinner last night.  It is my specialty chicken zuchinni curry with flat noodles.
zuke and chicken curry
I was thrilled to find there were a few oriental grocery stores in Sioux Falls.  There will be many more curries to come this fall!  :)


  1. the new colour looks great! And so does that curry.

  2. reading your blog makes me miss you even more. but i will not stop reading. i'll just keep missing. ( :

  3. yea, a house... how are things coming along now? getting settled?