The Last Few Days

It has been a bit hectic around here these last few days.  We are in the midst of packing and all I want to do is work in the studio.  Our friend Johnny came down to visit, and we went to the Drive By Truckers concert here in town, and then the next day we went in to Chicago to visit my BFF Tony and his wonderful boyfriend.  It was a great day of gallery hopping, eating, and a little shopping.  I hope I can make it in to the city one more time before we move out to South Dakota.  *fingers crossed*
Unfortunately I forgot my camera on both occasions, so here are some images from the last few days:
simple dinner
Simple dinner at home with Nate
060 - Progress
Progress on some paintings.
Other than that, the last few days have been a bit chaotic -- some ups and downs.  Hopefully things will come to a nice even keel once we are moved and settled in.  


  1. I was at that show, too, Cassie! Too bad I didn't see you!!!Will you be able to make it anytime soon to knit night?

  2. It was a good show wasn't it?? we were right up next to where that fist fight broke out (crazy!)
    I wasn't able to make knit night this week because of a family reunion, but, I should be there next week!