Object of my Affection

Dear beautiful Le Creuset pan,
I have stalked your kind from afar, but now we can finally be together.  Yes, you were a little beaten up on first look, but your chipped edges only give you character.  I know we'll make great food together, and we'll never be apart.
031 - Le Creuset
What a beauty!  From what I can tell this is from the 70's or so, and it is a lovely light teal color that I haven't seen before in Le Creuset cookware.
030 - Le Creuset
This is what it looked like before I took the time to soak it, clean it, and lightly sand/oil the handle.
033 - Le Creuset
Not bad for under $3!
In other news, I visited my good friend Ann's  new house that she just moved into, and it is really cute! 
I am stealing some shots from her studio to show you:
New Studio
We had a long lunch today and ate outside relaxing in the sunshine and talking about houses and boys.  I am so torn lately, because while I am excited to be moving, I am still really bummed out to be moving away from my good friends here.  I've been doing this my whole life, and I'm really looking forward to the day that I won't have leave where I am every few years.  That being said, I am still really excited about our South Dakota adventure!


  1. $3 for a le creuset pan??? YOU are so lucky to have found such a great pan at such a great price!! Nice restoration job, too :)

  2. I'll be sad for you to go too.
    More sunshine lunches in the meantime!

  3. wow,t hat pan is a total find!! lucky girl!

  4. You crack me up! Don't forget to post pictures of the new place. It's hard to move - but with the internet, and trips from your knitting group - it won't seem so bad. :)