"Majestic!" - Nina Rizzo's Solo Show @ Linda Warren Gallery

Last night I was in Chi-Town with some good friends to go to the opening of Nina Rizzo's solo show, Majestic!,at Linda Warren Gallery.  Nina is one of my professor's at NIU, and I've got a massive crush on her work. 

036 - Majestic!

039 - Majestic!

It was so great to see everyone come out to support Nina! 
035 - Majestic!
Michelle Bosak, myself, and Ann Flowers

040 - Majestic!

Me, Amanda Voltz, and Brikena Boci
041 - Majestic!

This is my favorite painting in the show, Toothball Island.  It is partially based off of a part of the book The Life of Pi where the boy in the story finds teeth on a floating island that he is shipwrecked on.  It is a really great book, especially for artists, because it is so vivid in its descriptions of place. 
038 - Majestic!

And of course, a shot of Nina and myself.  :)

037 - Majestic!

That's all for now, and this may be my last post before my thesis show goes up in two weeks!


  1. Amazing paintings, that chandelier one is a real stunner. But I have to ask- that sweater you're wearing, I love it! what pattern?

  2. Ohh la-la! I LOVE the chandelier painting, just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing some of her work, it's stunning. Good luck dearie on your Senior Thesis.. I know its going to be mind blowingly amazing. Keep on rockin out those little beauties!

  3. I agree with the other comments... LOVE the chandelier piece and also the piece based on The Life of Pi! As Li would say "So Juicy!!" :)