A few of my favorite things...

011 - baby bunnies!!
I found these little guys at the thrift store last week.  I could not resist.  They now sit happily overlooking my drawing desk.
I love vintage ceramic figurines.  Especially ones with gushingly adorable eyes that say 'if you do not take us home, we will cry the rest of our little lives.'  When I am done with my thesis work, I kind of want to paint these guys, just for fun. :)
I've been slowly getting things together for the show, and am hoping to really pick up the pace over spring break.  It will be nice to concentrate solely on my work for a few days. I've also got to get cracking on writing my thesis paper- the rough draft is due soon.
Oh, and then there are these:
010 - new boots
They are the frye knockoffs from Target - I was going to get myself some real frye boots as a graduation gift to myself, but when I saw these for $12 on clearance (!?!?!?  I know!) I could in no way resist them.  They are really nice too - the leather is really sturdy and easy to break in.  I am in love.
Lastly, I wanted to show you a knitting project I've been working on:
006 - Loop Cowl
It is going to be a cowl that you loop twice around your neck.  I was inspired by Jenny Gordy's Cowl that she posted on her blog.  I usually stray away from variegated yarns, but with the ribbing I actually like it a lot more.  For mine I used yarn that I recycled from a sweater - an UGLY sweater.  I feel like I am saving the yarn from a sad future as a boxy variegated sweater, that in no way could flatter any figure.  This project has been great because it is so mindless.  1x1 Ribbing - I <3 you.


  1. lots of cute finds, and that cowl will be awesome.

  2. I want those boots. I have been searching for boots like those! Drool...

  3. I LOVE THOSE BOOTS. Here I am all jealous and whatnot. Thanks. :)