In the Studio

Sorry for the lack of real substance on this blog as of late, I am in the thick of the semester, and time is lacking!  I've been chugging away on the dollhouse, painting it has been a challenge with all of the tiny details.  I'll post pics once I'm finished with the outside, but it is now a grey/blue color.  So much easier on the eyes.  :)
In the meantime, I've been working on these:
002 - cabinet
They are small graphite drawings (about 6x8") of the furniture that came with the dollhouse.
001 - rocking chair
So far I'm really happy with them.  The second one is still in progress.
I'm also working on a series of small oil paintings.  They are about 6x6", and I've just done the drawings and the under-paintings for them.
001 - towel paintings in progresss
I've got a show coming up next week Thursday that I'm looking forward to at the Bad Dog gallery.  It is a collaborative show that I'm working on with six other students for our 3D Forms & Fibers class.  It should be interesting!  Hopefully I'll get to post some in-progress pics early next week.  :)


  1. I really love the graphite drawings, so simple and elegant. A small still moment of study captured.

  2. Fantastic drawings. Looking forward to seeing the dollhouse too. :)

  3. I love the drawings...clean and atmospheric! I think miniature drawings are a wonderful idea