25th Rotation Around the Sun

This week has been a whirlwind to say the least.  The Homebodies show that we put on at the Bad Dog Gallery went swimmingly, and it was great to see so many friends come out to check it out!  :)  Unfortunately I was so busy during the show I didn't get too many pics, but I did get some setup pics, so that's what you get to see!Kena and I 'supervising', aka, taking a break...
007 - Setup
Myself , Mei, and Kena enjoying the spread: chili, meatballs, salad, zucchini bread, mac and cheese, and cookies.
009 - Setup
008 - Setup
It was a wonderful night, no rain and no wind, and lots of wonderful friends coming out to support us!  We couldn't have asked for a better show.
Yesterday was my 25th birthday as well, and Nate being the great husband he is, took me out for some indian/nepalese food in St. Charles followed by a trip to Trader Joe's.  He knows the way to my heart is through food and music.  :)
012 - BirthdayBirthday

(By the way, the cardigan I'm wearing is from the thrift shop - $1!!  I love it!)
Nate looking dapper as always, but still managing to make a strange face - haha:

Next weekend Nate and I are heading out to Minneapolis for the 'Creating a New Craft Culture' conference,  and I can't wait!!


  1. yaya happy birthday! i hope to take you for a birthday dinner soon, just let me know when is good for you!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! From the setup photos, your show looks like it was so cool!

  3. oh man I missed it.... happy birthday!!!!! Seems like you guys had a great time celebrating! How long are you going to be in MN for? We are heading up on Saturday!

  4. That St.Charles restaurant was #1 on my things I want to eat at home list, but we didn't make it there...next time. The show looks great! HOpe the semester is going well!