Welcome to the Dollhouse

As you may have figured from my absence here, school has started - thanks for all of your encouragement and kind comments on my last post, you guys are swell. This last week or so has been quite the whirlwind, but I am starting to get back into the rhythm of things. Teaching is going well, despite having my class switched on me last minute, and I'm making some headway on developing work for my thesis show.
I am really excited about the project I'm taking on. Want a preview? Well you're getting one:
doll house 03

doll house 04

doll house 06

doll house 05

doll house 07

And one for fun:
doll house 01
Can you believe I finally found a dollhouse? I've been flirting with the idea of getting one for so long, and have been stalking craigslist ads all summer to find the perfect one. Originally I had thought I would purchase a kit and make one - documenting the process as I went - as a part of my thesis work. Instead I've decided to rehab this one, document the process, and then use it like a 'set' of sorts for a series of paintings I am planning on doing. I can't wait.

Also, the garden is still doing swimmingly despite it being so chilly this last week. Isn't this the most perfect pear tomato! It is so cute!
loot 02
I've got 6 good sized zucchinis waiting for me along with a large number of tomatoes. Time to make some salsa and bread....


  1. Oh, your dollhouse is so neat! I never had one as a kid. How can you have tomatoes with this weather? I'm envious!

  2. aaaaah, if only you would have posted this last week! Just this last weekend was the Tom Bishop miniature expo in Arlington Heights. I guess Tom Bishop does the world's largest miniature shows. It is an amazing thing to go to, soooo many miniatures it will blow your mind, even if just for the inspiration. I've gone a couple times and carry a notebook to take notes. After wanting to buy everything you start thinking "I could just make this myself" and you will want to go home and go miniatures crazy. Check out the site, it's not very pretty, but it might have a place to sign up to get their mailings. http://www.bishopshow.com/

  3. love the photo of the cat trying to get in!! and that pear tomato is perfect.

    - Julie

  4. Oh man, that takes me right back to childhood, that dollhouse. Even down to the cat trying to wedge it's way in. :)

  5. I love the dollhouse. I always wanted one when I was younger. Can I have it when you are done? J/k. It is lovely though. I also love the little pear tomato. It is cute.

  6. That cat in the dollhouse picture is too cute!

  7. I really love the first photo of the stairs...they seem so inviting...I want to climb them!

    Also, what a perfect little tomato, and a model-esque hand holding it!

  8. i had my second day of school today.

    i want to live in your dollhouse.