Day 1 of the 'western trip': the drive to Colorado.

These are some snapshots from our drive. The first is a thunderstorm that we followed from northeastern Colorado. We decided to stop and have dinner and hope the storm blew over us - which it did. This is it as it passed just south of us
Clouds - 001
We had a very disappointing dinner at a local bar & grill as we watched the storm pass us. When we got our plates, the steak fries looked delicious (read: greasy) and when we bit into them it turns out they were soggy and not awesome at all. They were like eating wet undercooked potatoes. At least we knew the food couldn't get any worse from there!
After our quick dinner, we pressed on towards Colorado Springs. When we were about a couple of hours away, we stopped again to take pictures of the sunset. The big storms had just went through, and the fields were glowing against the dark skies. It was so beautiful!
Sunset - 011

Sunset - 008
Sunset - 004