August Storm
I took this photo a week ago to the day. I was driving home in the evening, and the sky to the south was bright with heat lightening. Most of it was hard to see through the dense hazy sky, but it was so beautiful.
When I got home, Nate and I sat out behind our apartment (which looks out into this field), put the camera on a tripod, and tried to catch the lightening. I only got a few successful shots, but it was really nice to sit and watch the sky light up.


  1. Oh, yes, I remember this! I love heat lightening. It's so beautiful. How are you? How goes getting ready for school?

  2. Gorgeous photo!! SO moody.

    - Julie

  3. carolyn - it was right after our knit night! I am doing alright, school is getting busy again, hopefully I'll still find time to come out on sunday nights!

    Julie, Phoe, Ann,& hibou:
    Thanks guys :)

  4. I love lightning storms and i love that you managed to capture the colors of it!