Playing Grown-Ups

Ann, Kim, and I had a wonderful lunch at Kim's place yesterday, and I am still thinking about the food we ate. Kim had DIY salads with every imaginable topping, some sparkling blueberry lemonade, and made a fabulous torte for dessert. I made some cheese and chive cornbread, and Ann brought an amazing swirly cheese wheel (she knows I'm a true Wisconsin girl, and have to partake in some amount of cheese with every meal I eat...).Kim and her signature ravenous eating pose. haha.
Ann and her wonderful 'oh, you caught me sipping my lemonade' pose.
And the torte to put all other deserts to shame. Good thing our lunch until then was light. :)
She had fresh raspberries, and raspberry liqueur for the topping.
It was such a great afternoon! I'm a huge sucker for dinner and lunch parties, they are the best. great food, and great conversation, what more could you ask for?

Also, if you've got a second, check out their blogs too:

Kim's Blog - She just graduated from NIU with an MFA in Photography. Remember our show we had together this last year? She's moving far away to Switzerland for a few years, and I'm sad she's leaving but happy she's going on such a wonderful adventure.

Ann's Blog - Ann is another one of my classmates at NIU - she's getting her MFA in Printmaking. She's also running a contest on her blog ending tomorrow! You all should enter, and then go buy some of her beautiful artwork.


  1. Yum, looks like we had a great lunch party. (I look pretty hungry). Like the new layout :)

  2. So colorful and everything looks utterly delicious!
    Love your blog xx

  3. wow that lunch looks amazing. My tummy is rumbling as I type. Must go find food.... we must have some somewhere in the house....

  4. That looks sooo yummy. Love the blog!

  5. hey! you can't tell how nasaly i sound in that pic! great post. as usual may i borrow a few photos and a definite link to your blog so i, too, can show off my adultness? next dinner party: ramen noodles and whiskey. classy?

  6. oh wow, that all looks DELICIOUS! I love the DIY salad approach, and that chocolate torte.... Mmmmmmm......

    - Julie

  7. did you co-ordinate with a matching blue shirt as well?
    everything looks delicious!

  8. Great photos! The colours are stunning!

  9. michele - I actually did have a blue dress! hahah

    hibou - thanks!! i actually remembered to bring my nice camera out of my house for once. :)