Tying Up Loose Ends

I am so glad summer break is here despite feeling a little bit under the weather. It was a rough end of the year, I'm not really sure why, but it seemed like there were a bunch of little things that were bogging me down. I'm ready to get past that now, and move on to happier things!
I've been cleaning my apartment the last few days, along with trying to relax and finish up some projects that have been on hold for quite some time. The first thing I wanted to finish was my Ripple Blanket. I love how it turned out.
I only modified a few things. I used a larger hook size and made it a lot larger than the original. Also, I thought it looked a little boring with the straight edge, so I crocheted the two rounds around the outside through the back of the loop only, and then for the last row, I decided to add a little picot edging.
I also started working on some quick little projects for baby shower gifts. These are simple garter stitch bibs loosely based on KrisKnits' pattern. I made three of them with one skein of kitchen cotton yarn. I used size 8 needles instead of size 6, and cast on 25 stitches for the base. Also, the strap is thinner, and I added two button holes so they can be adjusted.
I still haven't figured out how I want to decorate them, or if I even want to decorate them...
Lastly, I picked up this fabric shaver yesterday, and I LOVE it!! I had been really frustrated with our couch because it had been getting little pills all over it from our cat's hair, and we had been trying everything to get rid of them. I was so sad because it is a pretty new couch and it looked like crud with all of the little pills on it. So I found the fabric shaver at the grocery store, and figured for $5 it was worth a try. It worked amazingly!! Our couch looks brand new. I know it sounds corny, but it was such a relief to have it looking nice again. I also took all of my ratty old handknits and totally rejuvenated them! I could not believe how awesome it made my old knits look. I should have taken a before picture, becuase these things were really ratty looking, now they look brand new. Seriously, every knitter should have one.
In other-than-knitting news, I am excited to have a social life again this summer! Although I am a little freaked out about going in to my last year of grad school. Lets not think about that just yet....

Hope you all had a great week!


  1. That blanket looks simply perfect. And I can't live without my fuzz shaver! I seem to be especially pill-prone, so it saves my life almost daily. Also, enjoy the social time! It sounds like the semester was grueling; you deserve it!

  2. I love that blanket. I'd not seen the pattern before and it definitely makes me want to pick up my hook. Another one for the never ending queue I think.

  3. i love fuzz removers! i had one and i miss it... maybe i'll have to get another one now. :)

  4. Wowza, that blanket is stunning! So pretty, you did a great job. fuzz shavers are awesome, but I admit I've shaved many a sweater with a plain old disposable razor- but you have to be veeery careful when you do it!

    - Julie

  5. Gorgeous blanket! Yea for fuzz shavers!

  6. wow! beautiful stuff!
    it's summertime! lets stitch and bitch!

  7. Thanks guys,
    i think the consensus is that fabric shavers are the bomb.
    thanks for the nice words about the blanket too, I'm sitting underneath it right now!! :)